Our toilet seat is wonky

It’s 5 months to the day that Mum died. Not sure how to deal with it, to be honest with you. I can’t cry anymore today, so I cleaned the toilet and feststellte that the loo seat is wonky. That reminded me of Mum remarking on Aunty L’s wonky toilet seat. I wish she were able to remark some more.

On a happier note, Little Miss BD and I have been writing in tandem today: she in her usual way i.e. no assistance from spectacles required due to failing eyesight ;-), me with my laptop. I still hanker for the days when it was usual to use pen and paper, but I am smart enough to realise that I wouldn’t be able to write to you now if technology hadn’t speeded up our planet. (I still think that paper and pen smell better than a laptop – my perfume today is Paperback: The Library of FragranceBought with Mum’s Boots loyalty card last year…)

I did mull over writing a little about my lack of family today. The thoughts accompanying me today due to the 5-month anniversary of Mum’s passing are rather bleak, and whenever I get bleak thoughts, the usual yearning is to have had a father pitch in with their mustard (sorry – German idiom, doesn’t really work in English).

However, I figure I should try to cope (as usual) and not moan so much. There are plenty of people without a parent, and plenty more without both. I had a mum for 44 and a half years, and she was a jolly good one in the end. Basta!

4 hours later: visitors have just gone. A couple who live around the corner with 2 of their daughters – met them at a christening/First Communion do 2 weeks ago. It was good to have some distraction on such a poignant day. All went well – the chat didn’t run out and the visiting girls seemed to be entertained enough.

The sun did leave us though, after such a promising start to the day – 22 degrees when we got out of bed. Birds tweeting rather than people 😉 – those were the days.

I’m still struggling to get my head round both this Twitter lark, as well as learning how a blog works. There are so many Kleinigkeiten and time is still the greatest luxury I have, or don’t have. When I am holed up in hospital after the op, maybe I will be able to study all the online courses and tips which have been sent to me after setting up this blog. Of course, I would love to make this page/site look professional, but for now I’m content to let my thoughts have free run and be able to write.

Countdown to operation: 45 days until I am professionally sawn-up and get a new face into the bargain!


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