Foods you can eat without chewing

Since September last year, I have been learning to eat with a fixed brace. There have been many weeks where the ulcers and/or jaw problems have meant that I cannot chew or move my jaw adequately. As I am a woman who loves her food, it is of greatest importance to me that I can substitute usual food with ‘no chew’ alternatives.

So, here is a summary of items that I have learned to love due to their ‘no chew’ qualities! (This will be very funny to look back on after the orthodontic treatment is over!)

As previously mentioned in this blog, those fruit pouches made for toddlers are a lifesaver – no need to struggle with apple or pear skin. Related to the pouches, and also slightly more ‘adult’ are the ubiquitous smoothies. Current favourites are the red or green ‘Spar’ Enjoy smoothies.

If I need protein, I go for tinned mussels in garlic butter: super for squidging between tongue and roof of mouth. Soft sausages (frankfurters, Berner Würstel – frankfurters stuffed with cheese and wrapped round with rashers of bacon) and pate are extremely useful.

The amount of guacamole I am currently getting through is obscene. I try to alternate it with hummus, but the guacamole usually wins. As bread is a big problem because of the crust, I am eating savoury shortbread (yum!), oat cakes or rice crackers. (Marmite flavour rice crackers are divine – and disintegrate beautifully when you suck.)

Crisps were a problem – I mean the traditional ones made out of potato, but I have of course identified the best ones for sucking now. Highly recommended by me are Kelly’s Erdnuss Snips. (Not to be consumed by those with a peanut allergy…)

I think I should stop writing about food now (although I could continue) as a) it is 9pm and I want to see my husband today and b) most people are probably not as interested in my ramblings today as they might be, if I were writing more inclusively ;-).

I took two more photos today for you. One is of food (*gg*) – squeaky leeks and Mairübchen (early/spring turnips?) which the kids don’t know yet  is in their pasta bake for tomorrow. (Don’t worry – I have made it child-friendly by chucking loads of bread croutons and cheese on top which went crispy in the oven.)

The second photo is of Little Miss BD’s lovely trainers that are now at the end of their useful life. I don’t really want to say goodbye to them, so this photo helped me to chuck them in the dustbin successfully earlier.

I know today’s entry has been peculiar: please forgive me, dear reader. My mood is unusual.

It seems to me rather a paradox that complete strangers are participating more in my life than flesh and blood is. However, this does not need to be a bad thing. I think I just need to accept that even if my life is not celebrated as I expect, it is a life and I want to celebrate it.

The banal, the usual, the unusual.

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