The new normal

I have no idea when the last time I wrote was, but here I am again – the new me.

I have teeth of my own now. And for the first time in many, many years – OK: 46 – they are all working how they should.

I am currently getting used to having so many in my mouth. Beforehand, when ne’er the twain shall meet, I just had a cavern into which I threw my food and hoped that I could somehow digest it.

A bit of ripping here, some sucking there and if you’re lucky today, a little mastication.

Now I have a full set of gnashers which are resting on top of each other and making me feel like a real grown-up. It is a bizarre and surprising feeling.

As I sit here, head tilted to the left, I feel as though I am finally inhabiting my body and not just taking refuge there.

The brace was removed on Monday morning and today I had Mundhygiene at my regular dentist. Unfortunately, there will be some root canal work being done next week – an amalgam filling from England in my youth has given up the ghost.

Additionally, I’ll be visiting my surgeon in 2 weeks as well as being checked up on by my orthodontist again in a couple of weeks.

Of course I have both fixed and removable retainers, so my mouth is not entirely my own; however… I’ve never had a real mouth, so actually it’s about as good as it gets!

When I get around to it, I think I shall alter my profile picture to one with my new mouth. But there are many more fun things to do before doing that.

Like – biting biscuits. And bread crusts. And chewing – yes, chewing – some Schnitzel. Forgive me for leaving now, but I want to go and enjoy my teeth :-).

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