Regular Saturday – with no pain yet: hurray!

The morning has been very pleasant, considering. The spring inserted yesterday seems to be working. My ‘Madonna’ gap is growing at a rate of knots – soon, you’ll be able to park a bus in it.

Selfie with mouth 260518German Nachhilfe

Seeing as my groovy son has to learn for another Schularbeit next week (and the online exercises suggested by the school are, of course, NOT kostenlos, I gave him the task of writing me a ‘handy guide’ to the difference between ‘das’ and ‘dass’. The resulting text was better than anything I ever learned at uni – hats off!

Whilst he was busy teaching me the ins and outs of German grammar, Little Miss BD used her nimble fingers to peel my garlic cloves ready for Special Carrots for lunch. Today’s version went well – and the Perfect Bake function functioned on my muffins (ready for visitors tomorrow).

As well as all this, it looks as though Little Miss BD’s cherry tree will have a bumper crop this year. If so, it’ll be a poignant reminder of Mum. She planted the tree for Little Miss BD’s birth and probably expected to be around for a few more harvests than she was. I did too. Gone too soon, eons too soon.

Orthodontist again tomorrow…

I’m really hoping that this visit doesn’t trigger off another pain odyssey like last time. Food life has been manageable recently – I can even chew small pieces of meat at the moment. Today we had a green chicken curry courtesy of Dedi 😉 xx

The appointment is to check that the spring inserted on Friday 4th May is doing its job. It was inserted between my top middle teeth (Einser) and is supposed to move them further apart so that Mr Surgeon has enough space to make yet another break during the op – eeks!

I’ll let you know how it goes – I wish when I agreed to start this procedure that there had been someone my age in my situation (kids, work, family, ex-pat und und und …) to let me know what I was letting myself in for. Hmmm…? Would I have decided differently? ‘Would’ questions are only good for practising your conditionals, to waste time pondering the possibilities doesn’t help anyone.

Fingers crossed/thumbs pressed for tomorrow!