Hard to write

There are so many reasons why it is more difficult to write right now.

The main one is that I have no time. The second one is that I am really tired (again). The third one is that I want to spend every waking moment with my family, while I can still talk to them, eat with them, play with them, laugh with them.

I think that my last post was just after the appointment on Wednesday at the hospital. Since then I have had more advice on what is coming and how to deal with it. I have also had time to cogitate a little and to have some (more) bad dreams.

Hmmm – now I feel ready to say that I believe it is pointless to anticipate too much: the operation will probably be completely different from what I am (overfeverishly) imagining – when I can’t keep my thoughts under control. Also, the time afterwards, when I am still on the ward, will probably also be the opposite of what I am expecting.

So, I shall attempt not to imagine. (Tough one, that.)

Thank God, life at home has been great since the last hospital visit, so I feel quite well equipped to deal with tomorrow (GP to get an Überweisung /referral to an internist and also to get a thorough blood check before the operation) and then with Tuesday and Wednesday as well. (Tuesday is school stuff for Little Miss BD and Wednesday, I am back at the hospital:)

The energy I get from home is worth more than something very valuable – it is self-propelling energy which comes right back at me. Pow! Like a Batman punch. It wakes me up again and reminds me to exude and enjoy. If I didn’t have my kids and my man, there would only be the hole that is my soul.

Poisonous green liqueur
Poisonous-looking green walnut liqueur many months too early (Nocino)

Look at this! Hubby is on his mission to make an even better evil-looking green walnut liqueur than last year! I don’t really mind how this one turns out – it’ll be good even without all his anxiety about the correct day to harvest, the correct place to store, the correct length of time to stand and mature and and and…

As long as he carries on experimenting, there’ll be some gems for me amongst his inventions (Apple Strudel liqueur and Spiced Plum Compote with Chocolate Gingerbread liqueur being two of his notable successes) – yum yum!

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Saturday in nature

As you can see below, we spent some of yesterday outdoors. I am a great fan of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His ideas regarding straight lines and flat surfaces touched a chord in me when I first came across him, after a visit to the council flats he designed in Vienna. Ever since then, I have noticed more and understood why I feel so good after time spent in a wood or forest.

Yesterday we all felt that we would profit from some fresh air and exercise, so we went to our local hill/mountain (delete as appropriate, depending on your nationality), the Harzberg.

It does not matter how often we go walking in the woods, the effect is always the same: predictable and miraculous. The smell of the foliage and detritus produces a relaxation reflex in all of us. As soon as we breathe in deeply, it is as if we have swallowed some happy pill: the cares of the week slide off your shoulders and you feel better, stronger, happier.

The colours yesterday were particularly impressive. We were lucky and the rain which had been forecast did not materialise, leaving the sky to blaze blue and the trees to radiate bright green.

I spotted a rather serious-looking mushroom (see below) and Little Miss BD stopped me just in time from walking into the little fella bungee-jumping from nowhere to nowhere (well, as far as we could see).

The walk took us up to the top and as is now becoming habit, after originally stopping ‘for a coffee’, we ended up eating due to the well-known and oft-tested tastiness of their soups and filled pancakes. (We had the coffees too!)

I swear that when this brace finally comes off (autumn 2019?), I shall avoid soup for a good while and train my jaw to chew again. I am eternally grateful that there are so many good potages to choose from, but I do feel like an OAP 25 years too early sometimes. I should Twitter Nigel Slater (@NigelSlater) and get him to sympathise with me: cf. Eating for England ‘Feeding the Elderly’.