Tougher spring – aargh! Where’s Mum when you need her?

Appointment was brief but unpleasant this morning.

Frau Doktor had to yank out the old spring as the gap it had produced wasn’t wide enough. She inserted a new, stronger one – which should increase the gap significantly – and that involved some rather strenuous pushing and pulling. I felt the teeth straining in my upper jaw. It was quite unpleasant and she did apologize.

I hadn’t realised why it was so necessary though until she explained: Mr Surgeon needs enough space between the roots, not the teeth themselves, to saw through. If there isn’t enough space, he could damage my root canals. If she hadn’t inserted this new, stronger spring, it would be necessary to remove my brackets and start again with the braces. No way José!

There is already a little aching, which always happens after everything gets yanked around. Thank God for painkillers and understanding, practical, good-at-cooking-and-reading-bedtime stories spouses! The Three ???

When I started this procedure, Mum was still alive and she promised me that she would come over to support me during the post-op time. I was also assuming (yes, I am making an ass of you and me!) that she would be on hand with wise, kind and soothing words for me. Now she isn’t and I am feeling rather sorry for myself today.

Let’s change the subject -sigh.

BD – bless her! – has constructed a swing for Nellie, Saffie and Trixie. The idea is to get them excited before the penthouse opens. Construction is underway and if I can get a copy of the blueprints, I’ll post it on here. This is the swing:

Rat swing
Rock-a-bye-baby 🙂


So, enough for tonight. Night night, sleep tight, in the morning comes the light.

Orthodontist again tomorrow…

I’m really hoping that this visit doesn’t trigger off another pain odyssey like last time. Food life has been manageable recently – I can even chew small pieces of meat at the moment. Today we had a green chicken curry courtesy of Dedi 😉 xx

The appointment is to check that the spring inserted on Friday 4th May is doing its job. It was inserted between my top middle teeth (Einser) and is supposed to move them further apart so that Mr Surgeon has enough space to make yet another break during the op – eeks!

I’ll let you know how it goes – I wish when I agreed to start this procedure that there had been someone my age in my situation (kids, work, family, ex-pat und und und …) to let me know what I was letting myself in for. Hmmm…? Would I have decided differently? ‘Would’ questions are only good for practising your conditionals, to waste time pondering the possibilities doesn’t help anyone.

Fingers crossed/thumbs pressed for tomorrow!